Business Coaching: Creating a business that meets your goals

I’m an accountant/bookkeeper/analyst/numbers expert…but that’s not all I do. What I really love doing is helping businesses flourish.


When you start a new business, you don’t know what you don’t know. Business coaching or mentoring isn’t about giving you answers per se but rather highlighting bumps in the road before they happen. Business coaching helps you navigate your business, and helps you learn and grow as a business owner. In times of trouble, a coach is someone you can rely on to give you sound advice and pull you out of the panic.


Whether the goal is business expansion, higher profits or a better work/life balance, I can help business owners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to get where they want to be. Small changes in key areas can have a powerful impact on a business’ cash flow, bottom line and overall shape. I find out what the business owner wants and then I help them get there.

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