3rd Space Brisbane Case Study

When it comes to the operation of a business finance and accounting function, it should be staffed with a strong element of attentiveness, importance and protection. That is why an engaged, competent and professional accountant is, and always will be, an invaluable asset to any business. 

On meeting the charity in 2017, Right Source set out to deliver on these values …

Brisbane is a drop-in centre for homeless people and those in need. They facilitate practical support, friendship and honour dignity to hundreds of people each year, offering everything from a simple cup of tea, a shower, a bed to sleep in and low-cost meals, to support programs for more complex needs. 3rd Space Brisbane also helps people to find work, permanent accommodation, manage addictions and emotional challenges, and get access to health and dental care services.

When we first met 3rd Space Brisbane, their accounting team ‘ticked all the boxes’, handling their basic accounts and compliance. However, they were looking for accountant that would be able to work closer with the business.

That’s where we stepped in!

In a crucial support service, such as 3rd Space Brisbane, where their core values lie in relationship building, quick thinking and offering relief to individuals in need, it is a no brainer that their accounts team should mirror these standards too.

Naturally Right Source handled their monetary transactions.  Next was improving the accuracy and timeliness of the reporting required to operate the business. We also took the time to truly understand the business, getting to know the team and building a highly valued relationship. We communicate with 3rd Space Brisbane almost daily, with a focus on providing a quality service evidenced through the transformation of key processes, reinvigorated board reporting, and a re-established budget and forecast model.

You see, our job is way more than just accounting. Yes, you need to take care of the finances and meet compliance obligations, but a good account will also identify opportunities for progression and strive for improvements within the team, too.

Particularly when the funds deliver to a humanitarian cause, the necessity of a well-functioning finance and accounting function is absolute.

3rd Space Brisbane required, and deserved, the undeniable attention and support of a dedicated accountant, and that’s what they have attained with Right Source. The people working within the charity want to make a difference to peoples’ lives and are passionate about what they do. We share that passion, and it has been an absolute pleasure working alongside their devoted team.

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